CONSTRUCTION: unique construction projects are our passion. we excel in our ability to design plumbing systems for any space in order to help The contractor or customer achieve the results they want. We are problem solvers, team players and our goal is to provide the most optimal and efficient results on every project.


For the beer lovers out there, Optimism Brewery's arrival on Capitol Hill was a cause for celebration. The space, originally a 1920's car dealership is gorgeous and spacious and is home to some high-quality beers. We were happy to work with Gay Gilmore, Troy Hakala and Metis Construction on this project. 

[Photos: Ben Lindbloom/We Are Unicorns]


Located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and recently listed as a "must see" in Architectural Digest, Stateside started out as a former parking garage. Helping Method Construction transform the garage into owners Eric Johnson and Seth Hammond's vision was a great experience. Stateside has become one of our favorite restaurants, both for the food and the ambiance.

[Photos: Barnard & Meyer]


Featured for its combination of creativity and food, Westward has been covered by publications across the country, including the New York Times. Located on Seattle’s Lake Union, Westward is one of the premier dining locations in the city. We loved working with Method Construction to complete the vision of Huxley Wallace for this unique restaurant on Seattle’s Lake Union.

[Photos: Huxley Wallace]


Located in the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Bar Melusine is the closest you can get to a French oyster bar. Taking inspiration from the Brittany and Normandy region of France, the food greatly reflects its influences. Once again, we got to work with our friend Renee Erickson and Sea Creatures to help create this beautiful project. 

[Photos: Ben Lindbloom/We Are Unicorns]


For this project we assisted in the owner's vision to assist in the creation of their amazing home.

[Photos: Ben Lindbloom/We Are Unicorns]